Summer Programs Start July 13th!

Our school caters to a wide variety of students: Whether you are looking for a recreational form of dance, or you aspire to a professional career, Beth Jacobsen School of Dance is for you! We realize how essential a proper foundation is to the development of a strong, confident dancer. Our ballet, hip-hop, jazz and tap programs are unique, challenging and FUN!

Our school of Performing Arts knows how essential a proper foundation is to the development of strong confident dancers.

Our class programs are unique, challenging,and rewarding. Our expert faculty opens the gateway to artistic expression through quality instruction at every level. Each and every student will recieve personal attention to help achieve their goals.Our students and families are of utmost importance to us!  We take our instruction as a very important aspect of our school.We strive to take every student to their next level and our doors are always open. We would like to welcome you to Beth Jacobsen School of Dance!


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